This program consists of tutoring sessions that are planned according to your respective grade’s syllabus. The program helps you with all your schooling needs like homework, school worksheets, assessment in schools. Our tutors are equipped with progressive and successful teaching skills which assure a boost in your academic scores. We have our own assessment system so that students get familiar and confident before the final school assessment.
There are many types of assessment that our teachers use in regular practice which can be loosely categorized as formal and informal. Formal assessments (or summative assessments) are those that are discrete and planned in advance. These might include standardized tests, end-of-unit tests, or explicitly designed portfolio tasks. Informal assessment (or formative assessments) happens in the classroom every day, as teachers review students’ work, ask questions or observe students in action. Formative assessment is ongoing and informs a teacher’s understanding of student progress; summative assessment is conducted at the end of a unit and measures students’ knowledge and skills against some kind of standardized benchmark; however, in practice, end of unit tests may function formatively and provide teachers with valuable information for future curriculum planning.

⭐Structured course plan.

⭐School Homework help.

⭐Notes-taking strategies.

⭐Problem-solving techniques.

⭐Effective exam preparation.

⭐On-time completion of Syllabus.

⭐Effective assessment system.

⭐Memorisation strategies and syllabus revision.

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