Our Mission

          We intend to schematize a cordial atmosphere where students unhesitatingly seek assistance in their academics and receive counseling for their personal growth.

      We endeavor to entail our students into exclusive individualised courses to boost their confidence. Our learning program guides assists the students throughout their journey of accomplishing the desired results.

About US

True IQ Academy is an educational institute hat offers a blended e -learning platform with on-demand tutoring which involves one-to-one online/offline/in-person classes, online courses as well as customisable/targeted coaching program which suits your academic needs.

We believe that there are numerous teachers in the world but despite of academic teaching, it is necessary to empower students to instill them with confidence an encourage them to explore their creativeness.

Our learning program mentors students to gain knowledge from the highly qualified tutors. We have an efficient and experienced team of instructors, hand-picked and screened for grade level students.

Our tutors will help you with Science & Mathematics for grades 6-10 for U.S Schools.



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