This comprises of a fast-track comprehensive online course which has been formulated according to the students who look for SAT/ACT preparation in shorter period of time. The course comes with the commitment of guaranteed score improvement *(T&C). With this course, you will learn and practice with our experienced trainers through our intensive training sessions. It is a 50 hour preparation covered in 20 sessions which will be completed in 4 weeks’ time.

⭐Complete course ware - Prep book, practice book, full length tests, student portal access.

⭐Organized and intensive course to achieve the target score in the stipulated time.

⭐Comprehensive course which covers most of the homework in the class itself.

⭐Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions.

⭐Recording of classes.


Many students begin taking the SAT and/or the ACT during their junior year in high school. Some take the tests in the fall, and then use the results as a diagnostic tool for tutoring, so they can re-take the tests more successfully later in the year. Most students like to have these tests completed by the end of their junior year, so they can focus on college applications at that time. The decision on which test to take, if not both, depends on the college(s) being applied to and the advice given by the school counselor.
Students usually take the PSAT during their sophomore year (or sooner) to give them a preview of the SAT and assess their likely aptitude.


The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test) is widely used for college admissions. It is a paper-based standardized test offered by College Board, an educational testing service, about seven times annually, and it covers writing, critical reading and math. Simply Tutoring offers experienced tutors who have helped students very successfully over the years with SAT prep including tips and tricks to alleviate the high anxiety usually associated with this 3 to 4 hour test that has so much weighing on its outcome. The one on one help allows the tutor to zoom in on specific problem areas for each student as well as give a good overall understanding of what to expect.
For more information on the SAT and testing dates/locations/fees, go to:


The ACT (American College Testing) is another standardized test used for college admissions. Some feel it is a more straight-forward test resembling the STAAR testing of high school, and it covers English, math, reading, science and writing (optional). The test is offered about six times per year. 
For more information on testing dates/locations/fees, go to:


We’re here to help you navigate the test-taking maze. Which test is right for you? When preparing for the SAT and ACT exams, some approaches make more sense than others. Our goal is to find the right fit for you.

The content covered on the SAT and ACT is almost identical. The SAT is more logic and reasoning-based, whereas the ACT is more content-based. The SAT is more math-based and the ACT is more reading comprehension-based.


When SAT and ACT scores are equated, 80% of students score exactly the same on both exams. However, some students score dramatically better on one test.


Students often prefer the ACT to SAT because it feels easier – students tend to answer a higher percentage of ACT questions correctly. However, that doesn’t mean their scores on the ACT will be better.


The ACT may be a better fit if you: hate standardised exams or lack testing confidence are stronger in reading comprehension than in math can read quickly.

The SAT may be a better fit if you: have difficulty finishing exams in the allotted time are stronger in math than in reading comprehension enjoy solving puzzles.


 Make the most out of your preparation. Take both the SAT and ACT to develop the strongest testing profile possible.

Showcase what you know?

Colleges accept both the SAT and the ACT, and sending your best score can only help your application.

Are You in the 20 Percent?

Colleges accept both the SAT and the ACT, and sending your best score can only help your application.

You’ve Already Done the Work

Much of the content on the SAT transfers to the ACT, and vice versa. Use just a few additional sessions and practice tests to see if other test is a better fit. Take advantage of your own hard work. With just a few sessions, you could be ready for a new test. The content tested on the SAT and ACT is almost identical. Most students take both tests, the SAT followed by the ACT, and our SAT/ACT hybrid program is the most efficient and effective way to comprehensively prepare for both exams.
Once students complete our comprehensive SAT tutoring program, we begin a three- or four-session ACT hybrid preparation. The ACT hybrid course takes the content students mastered in their SAT preparation and teaches them how to apply it on the ACT.

The primary goals of ACT hybrid tutoring are:

> To learn how to approach the ACT Science section, for which there is no equivalent on the SAT
> To adjust to the accelerated timing of the ACT
> To get students comfortable with the geometry and advanced math on the ACT
> To hone ACT test-taking best practice on full-length proctored practice tests that are reviewed in detail in tutoring sessions

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