Our Technique

Our teaching technique is ESA Technique: Engage, Study, Activate.

We Engage our students by greeting them for the day, how are they are doing or how they spent their weekend, what their thoughts are about a specific current topic or event, or something that relates to the lesson we have previously delivered.

The Study phase is when we introduce new material/worksheets to our students and they make their first forays into it.

By Activate, we mean using the skills which they have just learned. Discussion and quizzes are a common way to activate a lesson., we also play a quiz game/flashcards or any other type of activity to memorize or use the skill used in our class.

In some subjects teaching involves a significant degree of memory work (such as in biology), we drill students frequently on particular points to ensure they retain important facts and information.

We provide well-researched study material in the form of workbooks, assignments, and online resources to motivate students in grades 6–10 so that they successfully solve problems and acquire spectacular score high in final exams. 

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